I wish you could use SQL queries with AdCenter

So I haven’t posted in forever, I know, and I’m sorry. It’s because I’ve been having so much fun with PPC and affiliate marketing. I always considered myself (and still do) an SEO. I knew some PPC stuff and did well with affiliate programs through SEO, but I prefer natural traffic on principle. One thing I always tell my brother/mom/family/friends when they ask about my business is that “I don’t want to have a job. I want to build things that make money while I’m not working.” The less maintenance required, the more I like it. It’s not because I don’t want to work, it’s just because it’s so cool to go out with your friends on Friday night and come home a few hours later to find you’ve made money while you were having fun. With PPC, I doubt many would argue that there’s a lot more “maintaining” to do than there is with SEO. That’s not to say you can just let an SEO project sit and expect it to do well forever, but it’s not as dependent on your day to day attention as PPC. Anyway, back to the point of this post.

Despite what I said above, I find PPC very fun or even entertaining. And I really love building tools that automate tasks and give me an advantage over my competition (I don’t even have anything fancy, but what I have built makes 1 hour of my work equivalent to 10 hours of work the way I was doing it a month ago).

Although I’ve been enjoying myself, there’s one thing that kills me. With MSN AdCenter, it is SO hard to modify your keywords once you get them online. I love the people at AdCenter (actually just got off a 2 hour phone conversation with them) and I don’t think their platform is half bad, but one thing it really needs is some tool that will allow advertisers to modify their keywords in bulk (and yes, I know they have a bulk edit option, but it’s almost completely useless).

Specifically, there needs to be an advanced way to delete keywords from a campaign. When you have 450 pages of keywords, going through them one by one and deleting isn’t realistic. You should be able to enter a SQL-esque query. For example, I would love to be able to enter a command like “DELETE FROM adgroupname WHERE status=’rejected’” or “DELETE FROM adgroupname WHERE LEN(keyword) > 25″

I can’t imagine it would be that hard to implement. The only reason I can think of for not having such functionality is they are afraid users would misunderstand it and destroy their campaigns with small typos. If that’s the case, MSN could just require a user to go to a special section of his/her account and “enable” advanced queries or something like that. The “filters” are a start, but much more is needed, and, IMO, it’s really not that complex.

Back to work :).

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Comment by Mike
2007-06-19 08:00:40

Very true about Adcenter. They used to have this really weird bulk upload thing that would automatically change your title.

Their bulk upload was basically designed if I was sending all of my traffic to my home page, which I am not.

Then, when I uploaded all these keywords, the titles were all screwed up. Thanks Adcenter.

I am basically surviving on PPC solely right now with my sites as it seems like you are starting to. I feel this is a better strategy as it seems like Google Adwords locks you in with a history type of thing where you pay less for new keywords than new accounts. Have you ever noticed this?

Are you planning on going to SES or Pub Con Vegas? I generally go to those and would like to speak with you when I am there. You seem like you are completely on the ball and it would be nice to get your points of view.


Comment by Paul Pedersen
2007-09-23 22:34:03

With PPC there’s a lot of maintenance during set up and for the first month. After that it tapers down. Once you get it tuned right, you’ll find it’s about the same effort as SEO.

Although you pay for the traffic, you’re able to get a lot more of it …and if you know what you make off a visitor, all you have to do is keep your PPC bid below that and you have a money maker.

Make sure you’ve set up your site and analytics so that you can track conversions (not just traffic) on a keyword-level. This will help you eliminate non-converting keywords and give you more money to put into the keywords that provide the most value.

Good luck!

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